Brian Long Plumbing repairs, replaces and installs water heaters, tankless water heaters, garbage disposal units, hot water circulators, faucets, toilets, shower valves, leaks, drain cleaning and more.

Rates starting at: 

Gerber Avalanche Comfort Height Toilet installed                                                                          $515.00*** (price includes removal)

Lavatory 8" spread faucet installed $195.00

3/4 HP Insinkerator 333 Disposal installed $365.00

Homeowner supplied disposal installed $160.00-$175.00 

Grundfos Hot Water Re-circ. Pump installed $575.00 **

Kitchen or 4" Lavatory faucet installed $165.00*

Homeowner supplied toilet installed $220.00 ***

3/4" Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) in crawlspace $230.00/$205.00

3/4" Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) in front yard up to 12" deep $350.00

1" PRV in crawlspace $260.00/$235.00

1" PRV in front yard up to 12" deep $400.00

Replace outside hose bibb with crawlspace $180.00/$145.00

Adding a hose bibb or replacing on slab home must see to price

Re-set and re-seal toilet $185.00/$160.00 ***

Toilet drain cleaning (up to 6 feet) $130.00/$85.00

Washing machine drain cleaning $180.00/$150.00

Kitchen sink drain cleaning $180.00/$150.00

Tub/Shower drain cleaning $160.00/$120.00

Lavatory drain cleaning $160.00/$120.00


* Extra charges may apply for pedestal sink
** Pump requires power outlet within 10' of water heater
*** Price doesn’t include flange damage. The flange is where the toilet bolts onto your bathroom floor. Plumber will inform homeowner of any flange damage and repair cost when toilet is pulled.

NOTE: Homeowner will be charged the lower of the two prices if plumber is there performing other work.


Estimates vs. Trouble-Shooting

Homeowners will be charged $65.00 for our plumber to come out and provide a written estimate. Examples: Water heater replacement, converting to a tankless water heater, or main water line replacements. If work is done, then the homeowner is credited back the $65.00.

Trouble shooting a problem is NOT an estimate. Trouble-shooting is done at $130.00 per hour. Example: Homeowner has leak in ceiling, plumber will arrive and remove section of ceiling to find leak (usually within the hour), and when problem is discovered, plumber will give homeowner price to make necessary repairs.



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